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Baseball: A Fun Family Activity

Baseball: A Fun Family Activity

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The arrival of summer means more opportunities for family activities – focusing on spending time with the family will only bring good things into our lives. And summer means baseball, a popular sport in the United States.

Locally, the arrival of summer and baseball will allow you and your whole family to enjoy the intensity of the game by watching and supporting our very own local team, the West Michigan Whitecaps team.

The preparation and excitement of going to a baseball game – and the fun generated by being at the baseball stadium with other families – are some of the reasons why it becomes an ideal family activity.
The day before a family outing to see the West Michigan Whitecaps, the family can prepare their attire for the game, including whether to wear a favorite baseball jersey, as well as prepare sandwiches and other snacks for the day. Many families who go together to a baseball game like to wear baseball jerseys very similar to each other, making their choice of what to wear to the game a fun moment between the family members.
Before going into the baseball stadium, the family can exercise together to get into the right mindset and generate excitement. This can include doing some stretching and throwing the baseball around – this can be a lot of fun and a good way of “into the moment.”
Part of the fun of this activity can be supporting and rooting on the local team with noisemakers, large foam hands and other items with the local team’s logo on them . The more support the local team receives from their fans, the better they will probably perform. During the family’s preparation the previous day, they may decide to make a personalized sign (for the team, in this case the Whitecaps) to take in hopes that both the players and the video/TV cameras will see them showing their encouragement and support.
But sometimes, by attending a Whitecaps game, on many occasions, they will have open workouts so their fans can get closer and see their home team prepare for the game. This is always a popular event.
Remember to buy the tickets in advance so the whole family can sit together and get the best seats in the stadium. Tickets and a complete team schedule are available by visiting
As you can see, spending time with the family by supporting a local baseball team can be a unique, fun and undoubtedly sometimes different activity to do during the summer.
The West Michigan Whitecaps are waiting for you this season. Come on, take the whole family out the the ballgame!

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