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Drinking Responsibly at College

Drinking Responsibly at College

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Drinking is a huge problem on most college campuses. Most college students drink and a large number drink too much. Binge drinking (having 5 or more drinks in a short time) is common among both guys and girls. 

Heavy or binge drinking can lead to physical illness, long-term drinking problems, and even death. Drinking is known to increase sexual aggressiveness, which can lead to sexual harassment and date rape. Drinking also clouds your judgment. You can’t think straight when you’re drunk. You’re also more likely to make unhealthy choices such as having unsafe sex, which may lead to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unplanned pregnancies. 
The legal drinking age in the United States is 21. The best way to prevent drinking-related problems is to not drink.
If You Are 21 and Choose To Drink, Be Smart. That Means: 
Stop after 1 or 2 drinks.
Don’t drink and drive.
Don’t let friends drink and drive.
Don’t ride with someone who has been drinking.
Don’t drink with people you do not know.
If you feel you need to cut down on your drinking, if friends are concerned about your drinking, or if you ever feel guilty about something you have done while drinking, see a counselor at school.

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