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Become an Organ Donor and Save eight Lives

Become an Organ Donor and Save eight Lives

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Did you know that when someone dies, his or her organs – if donated – could save the lives of at least eight people waiting for a transplant to survive?

Too often it is this lack of information that results in the general population being unaware of the importance of organ donations to save lives. Worldwide, every ten minutes another individual is added to the waiting list of people in need of a transplant. At the same time an average of 22 people die every day because that organ has not arrived in time.
Unfortunately there are many myths about organ donations, among them that if they are designated organ donors it may prompt doctors to consider not saving their lives in order to use their organs to save other lives. This is obviously not true. The reality is that a doctor’s job is to save all lives, and being an organ donor does not affect their work on any given individual.
There are specific donor programs around the world that cover all the expenses related to the organ donation and transplant, so neither the family nor the insurance companies will have to be responsible for it.
Among another myth about organ donations is the belief that that when organs are removed from a deceased person, the will body will deform and potentially affect the deceased from being able to receive the proper burial. None of this will happen. Removing an organ from a body is a standard surgical procedure so the body does not suffer any type of deformation.
There is no age limit to be a donor and thus help save the lives of others.
Now that you know a little more about the importance of being a donor, if you are interested, you can contact the Michigan Organ Donor Registry Foundation to learn more, and just by registering once you make the commitment, you will automatically become an organ donor. The moment you become a donor, your driver’s license or your ID will include a sticker with a heart to identify others, including medical personnel. That you are a donor.
Being an organ donor in Michigan is really simple, and the impact is great. We invite you to visit the Michigan Organ Donor Registry website ( or one of the local offices to become a donor. Taking this step will save lives.

Benefits from Transplanted Tissue

Bones: Prevent amputation of a limb.
Corneas: Restore sight to the blind.
Heart Valves: Replace defective valves in infants.
Skin: Heals burns, prevents infections and helps recover from abdominal surgery.
Tendons: Allow the person to move and walk without pain.
Veins: Improve circulation and prevent the loss of a limb.

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