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Learn how to manage your economy and invest yourself wisely

Learn how to manage your economy and invest yourself wisely

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Knowing how to save, which financial products to invest in, while doing it in a secure manner  is one of the most important things in person’s personal finances, as it can lead to securing a sound financial future for them and their families. Oftentimes, this kind of planning is what leads individuals to rely on a financial institution that can provide personalized care, attention and, of course, knowledge.

This is how the possibility arises of relying on banking companies that care about giving personalized attention to their clients. Fifth Third Bank is one of them and we had the opportunity to interview Omar Cuevas who tells us more deeply about all the benefits of being part of his entity.
Fifth Third Bank provides these kinds of services to individuals and their families, and we had the opportunity to talk with Omar Cuevas of Fifth Third who spoke with Vive Michigan in depth about working with an organization like his in planning financially for one’s future.

“We are a regional bank, which allows us to offer products and services that most small banks or Credit Unions cannot provide to their customers. Our LIFE program offers individuals in all stages of life – from  students to individuals and their families – all the information they need to be successful in investing their money, “says Omar Cuevas.

According to Cuevas, while Fifth Third Bank offers the traditional  financial products such as checking and savings accounts and different types of loans, they also have a real interest in educating their customers about money and finances by offering them the tools and knowledge necessary to learn how to successfully invest their money and work towards becoming financially stable  

“We offer special course on credit, the creation of budgets, identity protection, preparation and steps to buying a house and many others. We have exceeded one million students in the Dave Ramsey program, and we are really very involved with our community – our employees have donated more than 10,200 hours in community service projects,” insists Cuevas. in making a clear distinction between Fifth Third Bank and other similar institutions.

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But their service to the community is not only about offering courses. For example in west Michigan, they have special programs developed with community organizations like as the Hispanic Center of West Michigan, where outreach efforts to the Latino community strive to encourage Latin@s to become entrepreneurs and pursue higher education. This includes the awarding of scholarships to Latin@ students to help with their college costs.
For the coming year, Omar Cuevas tells us that they will begin with the “Zelle Network” program in collaboration with Early Arkinig, which will enable them to offer their customers a fast and safe way to make payments from person to person (P2P), using mobile phones or email. This new experience will be available beginning in 2017.

As you can see, Fifth Third Bank will continue to offer personalized attention and a  close relationship with the Latino community. Individuals will not be a number and will have the necessary tools and resources so that they and their family can learn to be better financial planners, develop as entrepreneurs and be independent people empowered to make the right decisions in their personal finances.


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