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Tamales Mary: Love and Passion on the Table


Tamales Mary: Love and Passion on the Table

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Mary Alvarez is a culinary entrepreneur who discovered the essential ingredients for adding color and flavor to each dish prepared in her kitchens were love and passion.

Born in Mexico, more precisely in a small municipality called Colipa, in the state of Veracruz, cradle of an ancestral culinary tradition from where she inherited the endearing skills that still accompany her today.

In her native country, she did not have the opportunity to pursue professional studies, however, that did not stop her from pursuing her passion, which is cooking. Upon arriving in the United States, like most immigrants, she held several jobs in which she tirelessly struggled to make a place in the competitive American society.

She worked at “Tacos El Cuñado,” where she started preparing and selling tamales. That’s when she decided to start her own business. Her family saw the need for a Tamal shop in the area, so for 5 years, with great effort, consistency, and dedication, supported always by her daughter and husband, Humberto Alvarez, they started a small business venture and that’s how “Tamales Mary” was born.

They started cooking 7 types of tamales, then added more upon request from their customers to the point of having 18 varieties for sale. Over a decade later, they are still growing, they have two locations and a food truck ready for special events.
Making tamales is an art that starts by washing the leaves, then selecting the best meats, using fresh and unparalleled quality products, wrapping with love, cooking them to finally get them ready for the for the delight of the diners.

Currently, the business prepares more than 900 tamales per day, among other delicious recipes such as corn, cakes, burritos, beans, variety of side dishes, desserts, and typical drinks.

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“Tamales Mary” mission is to bring the best Mexican flavors to more homes in the US, adding love and passion to each dish. More than a team, it’s a big family willing to give their best, to provide high-quality products and the most exquisite flavor, with the warmth that characterizes our people.

Mary states their business serve authentic Mexican food, recognized for their handmade, gluten-free tamales. They have vegan and vegetarian options, as well as other incredible dishes and delicious cuisine in the Veracruz style. For more information visit

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