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Paola Andrea Carlson – A sweet road to success

Paola Andrea Carlson – A sweet road to success

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Mom and Businesswoman

Pochis Sweet Designs
Grand Rapids
(616) 540-3185

“I always wanted to start a business that was new, unique, original. that’s how Pochis Sweet Designs was born.”

Paola Andrea Carlson, originally from Bogotá, Colombia, comments that “for her it is very important to directly and indirectly support women who have had to overcome obstacles in life, who have dreams and desire to improve themselves. The best way to support them is through Pochis Sweet Designs so they can be creative and independent.”

There are always obstacles and one of them for me was not speaking any English when I arrived in this country. With effort and dedication I managed to overcome that obstacle.

Something that helped me a lot to combine the part of MOM AND BUSINESSWOMAN is to involve my daughter in my activities, her support is essential in my entrepreneurial purposes. I’m showing my daughter that there are no barriers or unfulfilled dreams, “when you set out to achieve goals, you just have to have focus and perseverance.”

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It has always been believed that women are the lesser gender in the business world. Life is full of purposes, dreams and hopes. We just have to believe in ourselves and dare to do things because many times our biggest challenge to overcome is ourselves.

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