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Research Discovers Risks for Continued E-Cigarette Usage in Teens

Research Discovers Risks for Continued E-Cigarette Usage in Teens

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Through a study of middle and high school students, researchers have identified a series of risk factors that relate to continued use of e-cigarettes.

Published in the September 2016 Pediatrics, the study, “Reasons for Trying E-Cigarettes and Risk of Continued Use​,” determined several factors based on race, gender, age, and reasons for first trying e-cigarettes.

The most common reasons for trying e-cigarettes cited by the subjects of the study included curiosity about e-cigarettes, good flavors, and friends’ use. Youth who reported trying e-cigarettes because of low cost were using e-cigarettes on more days six months later. Youth who said they tried e-cigarettes to quit smoking were over 14 times more likely to continue e-cigarettes than those who did not report this reason.

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Although not the main focus of the paper, when researchers returned to the participants six months later, they discovered that among those who tried e-cigarettes to quit smoking, 80 percent were still smoking regular cigarettes.

The study also concluded that younger students and current cigarette smokers were more likely to continue using e-cigarettes over time, and suggests that campaigns to prevent continued use be targeted at younger students. ​

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