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Tips for a successful driving vacation

Tips for a successful driving vacation

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Driving vacations can be budget-friendly ways to get away from home for a few days. Such excursions can be customized according to families particular schedules and interests.

To make the most of driving vacations, travelers can employ these tips. Map the destination. Figure out the duration of the trip ahead of time, jotting down approximate times of travel. This will help you break up the ride so you can include stops for food, bathroom breaks and fill-ups. Plan food and accommodations. Some people like to plan road trips as they go. Those who prefer to have greater control can decide where to stop in advance, researching hotels, attractions and dining establishments. Be firm with departure times.

Make a plan to leave at a particular hour and stick to it. This will help to keep the trip on schedule. Share the driving. Know your driving limits and share driving duties with someone else who can take over if or when fatigue sets in. Pack stuff for kids to do. Prevent or delay the Òare we there yetsÓ with movies, puzzles, books, and music for children.

Pack headphones so their devices will not disturb others. ¥ Schedule a tuneup beforehand. Before departing, ensure your vehicle is in good working order to reduce the likelihood of a breakdown. Make sure you have a spare tire and tire-changing tools, just in case. DonÕt pack too much. Leave some room in the vehicle for souvenirs picked up along the way. Take advantage of hotel laundry facilities to keep clothes fresh and to avoid having to pack too many outfits.

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Adjust as you go. Even the best plans need to be modified on occasion. Keep an open mind and be flexible so you can enjoy any unexpected wonders that may pop up. Flexibility also can help you adapt to traffic or detours.

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