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How to start exercising at home

How to start exercising at home

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A healthy diet and an active lifestyle are great ways to achieve a healthy weight and good overall health. Many people no doubt associate exercise with fitness centers and gym memberships. While gyms certainly are effective places to break a sweat, exercising at home can be an effective way to get fit as well.
Working out at home may require some creativity, as even homeowners with gyms in their basements may not have as much equipment at their disposal as they would at a local fitness center.

Body weight exercises
Body weight exercises include push-ups, planks, squats, and lunges. Alternating incline and positioning of the body when performing some of these exercises is a great way to work various muscle groups. Body weight exercises do not necessarily require equipment, and that may disappoint some people. That’s because, with no added weight – and only one’s own body weight to provide resistance – it’s difficult for a person to challenge himself or herself effectively and gradually build up progress.

Get outdoors for cardio
A mix of cardiovascular activity, which puts a strain on the heart and lungs to build up stamina, can help shave off the pounds when paired with strength training exercises. Take to the great outdoors near home to get in a good cardio workout.
Rally Health, a digital, data-based health advisory company, says that walking can constitute a cardio workout if one goes at a brisk pace of around three miles per hour. Walking on an incline also can constitute vigorous exercise that’s on par with running or biking, particularly when it’s a steep hill.
Home-based cardio workouts also can include cycling, swimming in a backyard pool or playing a pickup sports game with the kids.

Set up a home gym
With a few barbells, dumbells and a weight bench, it’s easy to create a home gym in a basement or garage. Extra equipment, such as TRX resistance training equipment or an elliptical machine, can be added to make the gym more complete.
A home gym also can be a place to do strength and stretching exercises like yoga or pilates. Many people find that they can effectively workout at home with little to no equipment necessary. With such convenience, individuals may find they make more time for exercise, which is an important component of a healthy lifestyle.

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